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Granite Curbing Services

Wherever you need it, we'll install it

Granite State Curbing Setters uses the highest quality materials combined with experienced installers to ensure that your curb installation looks great years down the road! We receive our material through our partnership with Swenson Granite and we install our Granite and precast curbs for a variety of projects. 

Our main projects and services consist of roads, highways, parking lots, sidewalks, commercial landscape, and residential landscape. If you have additional questions or would like a personalized quote, please contact us today.


One of the main areas and projects that we service and install our granite curbs is on roadways throughout New England.


Granite State Curbing Setters has the abilities to install all of the necessary granite curbs for major highways. We can work with all necessary parties involved whether it be through municipalities or through private stake holders.

Parking Lots

We have completed thousands of jobs, many of which have consisted of installing the granite curbing on the inside and outside of parking lots. Regardless of the size of the lot, we can get the job done.


Granite State Curb excels at installing the granite curbing that is located on the ends of sidewalks. Our installations are designed to last for the long haul, even with heavy foot traffic.

Commercial Landscape

One of the main industries that we service are commercial accounts and businesses. We can fulfill the granite curbing requirement for any commercial landscape project.

Residential Landscape

Whether the project is large or small we pride ourselves on helping residential clients complete their landscaping by completing the finishing touches with granite curbs.

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