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Industries Served

Diverse Clientele Throughout New England

For over 30 years Granite State Curbing Setters has been providing the highest quality of granite curbing services to construction companies, municipalities, commercial businesses, and residential clients. If you have question or would like additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Construction Companies

We work hand in hand with construction companies and general contractors helping them complete projects that require granite curbing to be installed. 


At Granite State Curbing we have completed thousands of projects. Many of those projects have consisted of town or municipally owned roads or highways. We excel at working collectively with municipalities.

Commercial Applications

Businesses have many curbing needs, and we have fulfilled those needs for a number of commercial clients. Whether it be providing the curbing for a commercial parking lot or for the buildings landscaping on the property.

Residential Applications

For over 30 years Granite State Curbing Setters has provided high-quality curbing solutions for residential accounts. We have the experience to help you accomplish your residential curbing needs.

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